Qamara’s Early Intervention Program (QEIP)

Services offered to children with autism and special needs from infant to 6 years old who established at risk.

The goal is to prevent or minimize the physical, cognitive,emotional and resources of limitation of autism or special needs kids.

Qamara’s Advanced Learning Program (QALP)

A program offered for autism and special needs children from 7  to 12 years old.

This individualized program mainly aims to provide an effective intervention for each child, in purpose to the preparation in living skills for future life through the collaboration with parents and relevant professionals.

Qamara’s Skills Development Program (QSDP)

A program offered for autism and special needs from 13  to 18 years old.

This program aims to help autism and special needs person to be able to play roles in families, community and society and offer courses such as pre-vocational, basic living skills and social communication skills

Sensory Therapy & Intervention Program (STIP)

A program for children with sensory difficulties age 12 and below.

Through this program, therapists assess sensory difficulties face by the children  and develop personalized treatment program. Our skillful therapist then use the most appropriate techniques and tools to overcome those difficulties.

Occupational Therapy Program (OTP)

A program for 12 years and and below which covers activity for living skills, social skills and preparation for education.Activities provided including:

  • Activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Play skills
  • Educational/productivity
  • Social skills

Academic Program

A program for 18 years and below which covers 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic).

At Qamara Centre, we build confidence, foster independence, nurture creativity and unleash their true potentials for a brighter future