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At Qamara Centre, we provide Early Intervention Program for children with autism and special needs. Our programs help them grow up believing they can be anything they want to be.


We Help Them To Unleash Their Potential

At Qamara Centre, children with disabilities have the same choices, opportunities and experiences as other children. Our Early Intervention Program has helped families meet the developmental needs of their children. Remember, they have a future too! More…


Programs Provided by Qamara Centre

Qamara’s Early Intervention Program (QEIP)

A program offered for autism and special needs children ages 2 to 6 years old.
The best service for children who established at risk.

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Qamara's Skills Development Program (QSDP)

A program for 13 years to 18 years old. Focus on pre-vocational, social communication and functional academic.

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Occupational Therapy Program (OTP)

A program for 2 years until 18 years old to maximize their abilities to be independent in living skills.

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Qamara’s Advance Learning Program (QALP)

A program offered for autism and special needs children ages 7 years to 12 years old for those facing difficulties to adapt and learn in a standard school.

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Sensory Therapy & Intervention Program (STIP)

A program for 12 years and below, where the therapist will assess sensory difficulties and then develop a personalized treatment program.

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Academic Program

A program for 18 years and below which covers 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic).

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